5 Must-Have Salesforce Reports In Your Sales Dashboard For Better Decision Making

By CubeSimple August 17, 2016

How wonderful it would be to know the performance of your organization in your tablet or PC screen every morning and understand what you should expect in the coming days? Sounds interesting, right? Well, Salesforce reports make it happen for you.

Nevertheless to say, there are certain salesforce reports that are necessary for any sales manager for better decision making and tracking of sales performance. Here go few key salesforce reports that can be considered as must-haves on any Sales Manager’s dashboard. Give it a check.

Sales Performance vs. Target Report

Tracking performance against target happens to be a critical aspect while you manage any sales team. Sales Performance report acts as a gauge chart that shows total sales and percentage of progress towards the predetermined goal. The best part about using Salesforce is that the limit values for the color bands are easily configurable so that they can be set according to your sales targets. Moreover, this salesforce report can be used in conjunction with other dashboard charts and reports to gain full visibility of the sales performance and pipeline.

Closed Won Opportunities by Month

Needless to say to sales managers that Closed won Opportunities by Month report is the most basic graph to understand your organization’s performance. On a further note, making the report as a stacked bar chart increases the visibility. This chart can be grouped by the organization’s strategic units like Business units / Products / Region, etc. By doing so, you will able to quickly visualize the performance of each strategic unit.

Opportunity Conversion Rate / Win Rate Report

When you want to quantify the work of sales reps, Opportunity Conversion Rate reports comes handy. Average Conversion Ration for Year to Date along with individual conversion ratios helps identify the best unit that has a good conversion ration. Apart from that, it hints about those that need better training.

Pipeline from beginning of the month to rest of FY

Being one of the most valuable tools, this one helps to visualize the organization’s pipeline for the rest of the fiscal year. The drill down report is best when grouped by the organization’s strategic units such as business, product, region etc. The report is very helpful for the Sales Head/Manager to determine if the team’s pipeline is growing or shrinking in the coming months. Thereby the team can take necessary actions like running an email campaign or a tradeshow in order to get a boost for the weaker areas of the pipeline.

Pipelines by Stages

Pipeline by Stages chart is a must-have visibility tool into deals moving through the sales pipeline. The matrix report as well as the stacked bar are good indicators of the pipeline health. If most of the opportunities lie in the early stages then it becomes a risk for the company sales later on. The Sales Head/Manager may need to get into high value deals in order to close it. It is important that the stages have to be accurately defined in your Salesforce implementation to utilize the report effectively.

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