ServiceNow Tokyo Release: How does it benefit your business?

By CubeSimple March 05, 2023

How does it benefit your business?

ServiceNow has revolutionized the way business works by incorporating automation into everyday tasks. Yet, ServiceNow keeps finding new areas of development to satisfy their customer requirements better.

ServiceNow releases updates twice a year, by upgrading its existing features and introducing new ones. The Tokyo release which was rolled out in Q4, 2022 was an attempt to boost performance with the main focus on ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance), EAM (Enterprise Asset Management), and Supplier Lifecycle Management. Read on to learn how this latest version can better benefit your business.

Employee center

Hybrid team and people management has been a daunting task. Keeping this issue in mind, ServiceNow has introduced the Employee center. An employee center is a unified portal where employees can be productive, engaged and kept in the loop. Through this one portal, you can send out company information, create targeted campaigns based on employee profile, and facilitate better collaboration between departments.

Asset management

Enterprise asset management is especially tricky, and when it is not done right might lead to regulatory compliance issues. Although ServiceNow ITAM has been a major help, it exclusively covers only the IT space. Thus, to help your organization with a better management platform, ServiceNow EAM has been launched. This centralized platform allows you to manage your assets from deployment to disposal by enabling to see spending reports and optimizing resource allocation from any devices. Business assets can further be prioritized based on scores derived from heatmaps and managing warranty based replacements can be made easy by ServiceNow EAM.

Supplier Lifecycle Management (SLM)

Handling various suppliers by going back and forth via emails and phone calls can be time-consuming to both parties. Streamlining this process can save time, energy from your management teams by onboarding suppliers, and keeping track of progress easily. Suppliers can self-register, compile all their information, contact and collaborate with buyers with ease through intuitive and unified portals. Your management teams can use the centralized SLM dashboard to onboard suppliers, and manage the whole supply cycle with ease.

Order management portal

Improve your customer experience by processing orders quickly and boosting the revenue of the organization. ServiceNow’s order management portal has everything your agents and customers need in one place. From product bundles with detailed descriptions, images to submitting order forms, tracking their orders, customers can go through the whole order cycle in this one platform.

Automation center

Automation has elevated the way we perform business, however sometimes the big picture is lost. Having a consolidated view of all your RPA can aid you in visualizing the benchmarks and making a bigger impact. ServiceNow’s Automation center gives a holistic view of all third-party vendors, and enterprise-wide automation opportunities, your goals and activity in one place. Thus, helping you visualise your mission-critical goals, and find improvement areas to boost uptime and prevent failures.

Environmental, Social, and Governance Management

ESG management has become a potential indicator of a good organization and in attracting investors. Thus, businesses have long turned their focus on creating a sustainable business process. ServiceNow’s Rome release focused on this problem statement and came up with an ESG management and reporting solution. In this update, they helped organizations stay in line with their initiatives through an easy to use cloud platform and auto-report generations. In the Tokyo release, they have upgraded this platform with a Carbon accounting tool. This tool takes off the burden of doing manual carbon emissions calculation, and rather reports these emissions status to investors and regulators in a few clicks.

Final thoughts

Periodic releases, and constant updates is how ServiceNow helps their customers excel. However, in a business perspective keeping track of all these changes and implementing them to their maximum efficiency can be challenging.

Partnering with a dedicated ServiceNow expert team can take the burden off your shoulders and achieve maximum operational agility. As a Premium ServiceNow Partner, CubeSimple can help you get started on your ServiceNow journey in no time.

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