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Convert your raw data into processed compelling visualizations that drive analysis-backed decisions.

Our Expertise

We are CubeLens, We Create Reports with data

Making data-driven, informed decisions has never been easier! The approach of CubeLens is to take a deep dive into your data and bring advanced analytics with brilliant visualizations. With our real-time dashboard, you can gain insight into the current state and form predictive strategies for the future, thus maximizing operational performance and ROI.

Our Offerings


Total cost of ownership analytics

Estimate the expense of a product or service from purchase to decommissioning to identify hidden costs.


ITSM analytics

Submit requests, issue incident tickets and manage all IT related functions through an integrated dashboard.


Capacity analytics

Benchmark trends, create models, analyze avenues for repurposing and draw up a realistic IT budget.


Vulnerability analytics

Historically analyze, predict and plan counter active measures for vulnerabilities and bugs before they arise.

Data Ingestion

Compile data from all sources in an unified dashboard to create a comprehensive dashboard using the following tools:

  • Server Monitoring Tools
  • Storage Monitoring Tools
  • Service Management Tools
  • Enterprise Management Tools
  • Security Management Tools

Data Visualization

  • Our business intelligence tool has off-the-shelf offerings to promptly convert your data into compelling visualizations to aid in the decision-making process.
  • Our offerings are curated from working in various industries and accumulating years of technical expertise, thus facilitating you to get results immediately!

Customized Bi Solution

  • Users today require customizable analytics that fit their unique roles, skill level, and data needs.
  • With embedded self-service, users can explore data, answer deeper questions, build their visuals, dashboards, and reports and collaborate in and outside of the organization— all within your application.
  • Leverage your complex data with Data Science to deploy Platforms, Bots, and Analytics to unleash actionable valuable and intelligent insights.
  • With our customizable dashboards, you can quickly generate graphs, charts, and reports to bring your data to life. Then it’s easy to share customized data among your team, whatever device they are using.

Why partner with us?

Our Enterprise level reporting platform seamlessly integrates with current environment; on-prem as well as cloud and produces a holistic picture from your data. Analyze data, create visualizations, and whip up reports and dashboards in no time. We evaluate, analyze and improvise on operational performance of an organisation by leveraging best practices..


  • Auto-generated visual elements and reports for seamless sharing of information between teams.
  • Derive a coherent storyline from your raw data and leverage it to make analytical decisions.
  • Collaboration with your other platforms, to create a data pool in a unified dashboard.

Case Study



A large US-based financial services company.



No framework for analyzing the total cost of ownership


CubeLens Solution

A real-time dashboard that represents overall costs and breakup of each cost.

Predictive cost models for alternate scenarios of resource usage.

Customizable dashboards that match the user's preference.



Detailed insights into costs associated with IT

Identify areas of cost optimization

Run predictive analysis and prepare for future strategies

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