Convert your raw data into processed compelling visualizations that drive analysis-backed decisions.

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Why Cloud FinOps?

Optimize cloud costs by reducing unnecessary expenses, right-sizing cloud infrastructure & workloads and improve operational efficiencies using our Cloud Cost Management and Optimization offering. Get a 360* view of your cloud resources and monitor spending against budgets and targets.

Product Features

  • CubeSimple Cost Projections and Visualizations
  • CubeSimple Cost Projections and Visualizations
  • CubeSimple Savings Recommendations
  • CubeSimple Budgets & Forecasting
  • CubeSimple Cost Policies Definition and Enforcement
  • CubeSimple Alerts, Notifications and Scheduled Reports
  • CubeSimple Cost Perspectives
  • CubeSimple Savings Recommendations



Full visibility and insights

With Cloud FinOps cloud cost management tool, you gain increased visibility into key costs and improved transparency across your cloud deployments. You can visualize costs from multiple perspectives and at multiple levels.



When you make more informed decisions about your cloud resource utilization, you improve efficiency all around. Your applications make better use of resources, delivering you the performance you want within the cost tolerances you need.


Cloud Cost management and resource planning made easy

Cloud FinOps makes the job of planning for your future cloud spending a lot easier. By better management of your current cloud costs, the more likely are opportunities to find cost savings. There could also be scenarios where better cost management leads to spending more on cloud resources which boost value and increase ROI in the long run.


Accountability and control

With Cloud FinOps providing you with all the information and features such as budgeting, forecasting and tracking spending against budgets, create accountability for cloud costs and maintain control of your overall cloud spending like never before.

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