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Leverage our pre-built quality engineering platform to create automated software testing solutions and deliver high-value products.

Our Expertise

How CubeQual benefits you

Manage your quality engineering process from planning tests, to collecting data through a unified platform. CubeQual centralizes all your testing efforts and supplements you with resources such as templates and testing methodologies. With our historical analysis and intuitive dashboards, you can make data-driven intelligent decisions promptly.

Our unique value proposition

  • Standard templates and test methodologies available for customizations based on your specific needs.
  • Sample test artifacts to help visualize the test case scenarios and outline parameters that need to be checked.
  • Training materials and consulting to guide through the process of handling tests and the generated data.

Benefits we deliver

  • Historical data analysis to understand quality parameters and suggest the right tests automatically.
  • Intuitive platform promoting self-service and equipping you with all the functions to build your own QA test automation dashboard.
  • Identify, predict defects, pass rates and execution time by using AI and Machine Learning.

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