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Remediate issues, complete upgrades quicker with less resolution time and stakeholder intervention by automating complex, intensive test methods.

Our Expertise

How ATF benefits you

Automated Test Frameworks (ATF) comprises of out-of-the-box tests, templates and standard components that test most common functionalities, accelerate automated regression testing to improve quality.

Test Case Management

Manage, plan, execute, evaluate, monitor and document complete test cases from running condition to output in one place.

Test Execution and Reporting

Estimate results of test cases, identify bugs and vulnerabilities, report these issues for retesting.

Test Data Management

Curate, document, manage and deliver test data to application development teams for running test cases.

Test Case Development and Debugging

Formulate test case scenarios for your datasets, identify vulnerabilities in them, rectify and re-send for testing.

Test Case Automation and Maintenance

Automate test cases, maintain, report test results to stakeholders immediately.

Continuous Integration and Continuous Testing

A repository of builds and unit testing of software release process by incorporating each revision.

What makes us unique

Incorporate emerging technologies to accelerate your growth

  • Reduced manual intervention from developers, end users and stakeholders.
  • Create custom components and leverage existing standard components to test common functions.
  • Gain immediate visibility into test results and boost efficiency by testing multiple parameters simultaneously.

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