Case Studies

We present the following case studies to exemplify the type of solutions we provide for our customers.


A large US-based financial services company.​


Less Automation footprint and inadequate Test Coverage.​


Increased automation footprint from 40% to 70%​

What we did

Vertical Analysis & Rollout

  • Done detailed analysis of the application suite in a single vertical to start with. Top 5 Survival and Mission critical applications are prioritized
  • Worked with existing QA teams to increase the test coverage, by optimizing the existing test cases, removing duplicates and writing new test cases for uncovered areas.
  • Introduced new frameworks to increase the automation coverage. Trained the team in new technologies and framework. New scripts designed, developed, tested and delivered.
  • Extended the exercise for other applications within the vertical based on the criticality of the application and published the benefit outcome to Head of Vertical.
  • Organizational level rollout - Extended the successful framework to other verticals based on priority and transform the automation footprint.

Test Coverage

  • 100% test coverage.
  • Faster time to market
  • Increase in Test Efficiency
  • Reduction in Maintenance cost

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