Relentless pursuit for the perfect solution

CubeSimple's GOLDCUBE Framework refers to our core value of gaining expertise, garnering talents and gathering intel that will help us create solutions that go above and beyond customer expectation.

Our Expertise

How Goldcube framework benefits you?

Our GOLDCUBE Framework is the guidelines and rules that we use to test software applications, websites, or other digital products. With our standardized approach, we ensure optimum quality and scalability by adoption of best practices. We stand by this framework which helped us create an impressive track record and a portfolio of diverse Fortune 200 companies.

Goals and Objectives of Testing

Uncovering the true purpose of each assessment and curating guidelines and goals that are well-aligned with this vision.

Operational Excellence and Omnicompetent team setup

Handpicking and forming a team of technicians with the right skill sets and drive to give customers excellent services time and again.

Leverage relevant cutting-edge technologies

Being up-to-date with emerging technologies to stay on the edge of innovation and help organizations solve their issues promptly.

Design and Develop deliverables

Setting KPIs and attainable goals, strategizing the roadmap to ensure achievement of business objectives.

Coverage, Conformity to Requirements and Continuous Testing

Rigorous and strict testing practices to ensure delivery of best-in-class services that satisfy your business demands.

Unyielding pursuit in uncovering defects

Consistent search for new areas of improvement to existing limitations and rectify them before they become obstructions.

Best Practices adoption in each step

Keeping up with industry best practices at each point of your digital transformation journey.

Excellence in execution

Ensuring top-class services at every turn through a seamless collaboration and an end-to-end flawless implementation.

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