Digital transformation journey made safe and secure!

Orchestration, automation and response management to overcome threats and vulnerabilities to pave way for a secure and air-tight security posture.

Our Expertise

How ServiceNow SecOps benefits you?

Pave the way for a secure digital transformation journey by overcoming threats and vulnerabilities and planning preventive measures well in advance through historical analysis of issues.


Security Incident Response

Prepare, detect, analyze and neutralize security incidents promptly, while keeping the stakeholders informed.


Configuration Compliance

Classify integrations as compliant and non-compliant with security and corporate policies to take action accordingly.


Vulnerability Response

Identify software vulnerabilities and anticipate malware attacks to create a contingency plan to rectify and resolve issues.


Threat Intelligence

Mitigate risks and avoid vulnerable applications by leveraging cyber intelligence to predict and prevent issues.


Streamline Workflows

Automate your cyber-security workflows by capitalizing on our unified platform to improve your enterprise’s security posture.


Automation & Orchestration

Automate repetitive and manual security operations tasks to improve speed of incident resolution.


Deep IT Integration

Integrate your IT assets smoothly to identify and track them. Discover vulnerabilities early and and act quickly on security threats, such as measures exposure to malware.

What makes us stand out

Empower Your Business with CubeSimple's Tailored IT Solutions

  • Analyze, respond and rectify threats using automated workflows before they become critical.
  • Real-time dashboards and in-depth threat intelligence to mitigate issues and keep track of your overall security.
  • Collect, process and document issue identification and rectification for incident creation.

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