Managing applications and IT infrastructure conveniently!

Gain a comprehensive view of company's infrastructure / applications for streamlining work processes and ensure smooth operation of organization of any scale!

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How ServiceNow ITOM benefits you?

Predict anomalies, identify root cause and remediate the problems by immediately implementing automated workflows. Reduce manual intervention by using pre-built workflows and connecting data from third-party apps.



Simplify discovery of company assets and better manage cloud environments with minimal danger of service degradation.


Service Mapping

Utilize discovery data to map services across cloud-based environments precisely.


Configuration Management Database

Integrate, import and accurately analyze data from any platform to understand CI relationship through graphical representation.


Predictive AIOps

Detect anomalies and physical footprints by combining data log analysis and ServiceNow AIOps to prevent business outages.


Health Log Analytics

Detect, analyze and remediate anomalies through pre-built or customized rectification processes by visualizing real-time data log.


Cloud Management

Efficiently allocate cloud resources to ensure maximum usage and improve your bottom line.

What makes us stand out

Empower Your Business with CubeSimple's Tailored IT Solutions

  • Historical analysis of patterns to identify, and rectify vulnerabilities before they affect business operations.
  • Efficient resource allocation and management to cut down on expenses and utilise assets to their maximum value.
  • Ensures availability of important business services for a seamless, and smooth project completion.

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