GoldCube Framework

GoldCube Framework Heading - Leverage our pre-built quality engineering platform to create automated software testing platforms and deliver high-value products.

Our Expertise

What is CubeQual?

Evaluate and verify product or service quality and ensure optimal performance, functionality and user experience by encompassing a range of testing activities, thus reducing the chance of any issues.

Test design platform

Understand software capabilities, outline quality parameters and design Automated test frameworks through this platform to create a flawless product.

Test planning & execution platform

Plan your tests, execute them automatically, monitor the test process, gather final data, visualize the results easily from one place.

QE dashboard portal

Collect data from your tests, compile them in visual representations, convert them into reports and share with key shareholders with ease.

Why partner with us?

  • Standard templates and test methodologies available for customizations based on your specific needs.
  • Sample test artifacts to help visualize the test case scenarios and outline parameters to check.
  • Training materials and consulting to guide through the process of handle tests and the generated data.

What Benefits can be achieved when we are engaged in this work?

  • Historical data analysis to understand quality parameters and suggest the right tests automatically.
  • Intuitive platform promoting self-service and equipping you with all the functions to build your own QA test automation dashboard.
  • Identify, predict defects, pass rates and execution time by using AI and machine learning.
What makes us stand out

Empower Your Business with CubeSimple's Tailored IT Solutions

  • Vigilant identification of any potential issues even before they manifest and tackle them at the root cause.
  • Diligent testing to avoid costs associated with fixing defects post product launch by identifying and resolving them in the development stage.
  • Ensuring products meet industry standard requirements and built by abiding with best practices.

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