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How ServiceNow APM benefits you?

Application Portfolio Management helps businesses monitor, manage and improve the performance of enterprise applications by proactively identifying and resolving issues, thus improving the overall business efficiency.

Application Discovery

Identify and collect your organization’s applications and manage the entire application portfolio under one platform.

Dependency Mapping

Determine and mitigate potential risks by visualizing and tracking the relationships between different software components and their dependencies.

Performance Monitoring

Monitor the performance of software applications in real-time and track key performance metrics such as response times, error rates and resource utilization.

Root Cause Analysis

Gain a comprehensive view of performance data and quickly identify the root cause of performance issues and reduce problem resolution time.

Business Service Management

Streamline IT service management, improve service delivery and increase operational efficiency by managing IT infrastructure in an efficient manner.

Digital Experience Monitoring

Monitor, identify, analyze the performance of digital experience and automate workflows, thus providing a seamless customer experience.

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  • Make data-driven business decisions and eliminate risks.
  • Gain real-time insights on application performance and detect redundancies easily.
  • Reduce IT expenses by getting rid of obsolete applications.

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