Benefits of Using ServiceNow AI/ML Platform

  • ServiceNow AI/ML is a platform function that provides a layer of Artificial Intelligence (AI)/Machine Learning (ML) that empowers features and capabilities across ServiceNow applications to provide better work experiences and to report impressive results.

Agent Intelligence classification framework

  • Agent Intelligence includes two frameworks that you can use to create machine-learning solutions: one that predicts the correct category for your record data, and one that recommends solution content for reuse based on record similarity.

First Time Right

– Our IP built on ServiceNow Predictive Intelligence

  • Analyze the existing incident and service request tickets, correct the resolution code, assignment group etc
  • Use the corrected data to train the AI/ML system
  • Minimize “Ticket Hop”, improve MTTR, increase CSAT by 30%

True Bot

– Our IP built on ServiceNow Virtual Agent

  • Developed 120 scripts / scenarios on Virtual Agent covering most of the common issues handled by Service Desk
  • Reduction of Service Desk calls by 25%
  • Service Desk effort reduction by utilizing time only on valid issues


– Our IP built on Event management to improve event correlation

  • Adaptive thresholds to minimize threshold-based false alerts and incidents
  • Classified assets based on region (prod, DMZ, test, dev., etc.) for event correlation and ticket avoidance
  • Standardized manual mapping on event management

Change Control

– Predictive Intelligence for Change Management

  • Change tickets trained with CI on incident and changes
  • CMDB compared at regular intervals and compared with Change ticket to identify unapproved changes

Categorization, routing, and prioritization:

Reduce manual work and errors with supervised Machine Learning solutions that use your own historical data to automatically classify tasks, incidents, and cases at scale.